Stay in Your Lane

2 Corinthians 10:13
We, however, will not boast beyond measure, but within the limits of the sphere which God appointed us—a sphere which especially includes you.
One of my favorite sayings is there is only one me! I don’t know how to be someone else. I can only be myself.
Have you been trying to fit in or fill another person’s shoes? As humans, we all want to be accepted and liked.
At some point we want to be recognized for our efforts and/or accolades. The problem with this mindset is that when it doesn’t happen, feelings get hurt and we begin to complain that others aren’t celebrating or recognizing our talent. Not only does this hinder us, but it is carnal. It is contrary to the spirit (Romans 8:6-7).This is why it is important to recognize when our flesh is getting in the way of what God has purposed for us to do.
God is intentional. Every gift He has gifted us has a purpose and is needed. Your gift may not be the most glamorous or applauded gift and at times you’ll find yourself alone with your talent but it is still a gift and it was given to you by God. When we measure ourselves up with others or when we try to make them understand what our calling is, we are making room for confusion.
In defensive driving, we are taught how to recognize potential hazards, avoid traffic crashes and avoid causing others to crash as well. Among many techniques we learn what the lines on the pavement mean, the different road signs and reminders to stay in our lanes. It’s impossible to stay in our lane if we are constantly fixated on someone else’s path or how they’re driving. We may even miss our exit.
In the same way, we are to stay in our lane and perform under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, in the area where God has called us. How can we possibly stay focused on God’s plan for us, if we constantly keep looking at and judging other people? Here are a couple of examples where Jesus is basically telling us to mind our business:
Matthew 7:3 – And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?
John 21:21-22 So when Peter saw him, he asked Jesus, “Lord, what about him?” Jesus replied, “If I want him to live until I come back, what concern is that of yours? You follow me!”
In Hebrews 12:1 we read ..and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, this part states, ‘the race that is set before us’. It is so easy for us to get distracted or discouraged but we can’t run someone else’s race and they can’t run ours.
How do we even know which lane is ours and how do we stay in it? By keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus
(Hebrews 12:2). When we do this, He provides discernment and guidance and He orders our steps (Psalm 37:23). Consider this, only when Peter took his eyes off Jesus, did fear kick in and he began to sink. (Matthew 14:29-30).
Romans 12:4-8 encourages us to use our gift according to the grace given to us (verse 6). Now this does not mean that if we see a need we don’t help out. I personally know people that found their calling in this way, just by stepping in and helping out. Some people have multiple gifts and talents and they are also to use them accordingly.
The bottom line is that I can’t win or run your race and you can’t win or run mine. When we begin to compare ourselves, not only is it exhausting, but we spread ourselves so thin with all kinds of activities and commitments to the point that we don’t really make a significant impact in any of those areas.
I want to challenge someone today to ask yourself – are you operating as the best version of yourself, or are you failing at being someone else? I want to encourage someone to stay in the lane that God has created for you and don’t lose sight of the fact that we each have a specific job to do for Him.
My prayer is that we don’t lose focus or allow anyone or anything to cut in on us and make us lose sight of what’s really important. May we make up our mind to persevere until the end! You were running a good race. Who cut in on you to keep you from obeying the truth? (Galatians 5:7).
Be encouraged!
2 Corinthians 10:15-18
Nor do we boast beyond certain limits in the work done by others, but we hope that as your faith continues to grow, our work may be greatly expanded among you according to our limits, so that we may preach the gospel in the regions that lie beyond you, and not boast of work already done in another person’s area. But the one who boasts must boast in the Lord.For it is not the person who commends himself who is approved, but the person the Lord commends.